Autonomous cars: The future is here

Digitalisation is rapidly transforming the automotive industry. The Internet of Things (IoT) and cutting edge connected-car technology is opening doors to intelligent telematics and is unleashing a new breed of features and services… Read more…  Advertisements

Dubai realty market rides on robust off-plan demand

Total transactions by the Dubai Land Department amounted to Dh132 billion for the first half of 2017. Approximately 25 per cent of these transactions are from residential transactions with investment in the Dubai off-plan market year to date standing at Dh21.4 billion and Dh11.3 billion in the secondary market. Read more…

Business Bay is Dubai’s coolest neighbourhood

Business Bay has been ranked as the fifth must-see neighbourhood in the world by Lonely Planet. Described as Dubai’s most exciting neighbourhood in the making, the locale has been placed alongside popular city destinations including London, New York City and Rio de Janeiro.  Read more…

Strap on virtual reality gear, tour your future home remotely

Virtual reality is becoming a trending topic and has been associated mainly with gaming during its inception, but as the technology is undergoing rapid progress, it’s been adapted in many other industries. In healthcare, it’s helping treat social anxieties in patients while in the automotive industry, it is being used to get a sense of… Read More Strap on virtual reality gear, tour your future home remotely

Why building in Dubai is a good idea

A robust property market, combined with a strong tourism sector and increasing investor interest, has ensured that Dubai still has one of the most active construction markets in the Middle East and North Africa region. Read more…