Burj Al Arab in Dubai Opens Innovate Luxury Outdoor Terrace

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai has unveiled Terrace, a highly anticipated outdoor deck as an extension to the hotel. The 10,800-square-foot luxury deck fans 330 feet out into the Persian Gulf and accommodates 32 air-conditioned cabanas, 400 sun loungers, a fresh-water pool,  a saltwater pool, a restaurant, and a bar. Read more… Advertisements

Is Burj Al Arab the Most Luxurious Hotel in the World?

The answer is yes if you believe that what determines the degree of luxury is unapologetic opulence and indulgent personal service that spoils you rotten 24/7. However, the exuberant interior — picture gold leaf, leopard upholstery, embroidered silk wallpaper everywhere — might not suit everyone’s taste. Read more…